Numero di emergenza Unico Europeo
All about 1.1.2

Single Answer Point

The Public Safety Answer Point (CUR) of the SEE 112 (one-one-two) service operates on two levels: the first level receives the emergency calls (CUR – PSAP1 Public Safety Answer Point); the second level manages the emergency situations (PSAP2 – Operations rooms of the National Police, Carabinieri Corps, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service).

Whatever national emergency number is called (113, 112, 115 and 118), the call is received by the Public Safety Answer Point.

When the CUR operator answers the call he/she receives the caller’s telephone number and location in real time. These data are automatically stored in a digital card (contact card).

The additional information on the kind of assistance to be provided is entered in the card which is then transferred, along with the call, to the second level operations room responsible for the intervention (National Police, Carabinieri Corps, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service).

Thus, it is avoided that jokes, mistakes or inappropriate calls (e.g., requests for information) reach the second level operations rooms that will exclusively receive the emergency calls.


The Public Safety Answer Point (CUR) is set up by the Regions that are also responsible for staff recruitment and training. The CUR operator acts in the capacity as “person responsible for a public service” as he/she performs his/her activity in the framework of the Public Service Single European emergency Number 1 1 2.

The Public Safety Answer Points (CUR) are operative in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio (dialing prefix 06), Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, eastern Sicilia, Valle d’Aosta and Autonomous Provinces of Trento e Bolzano. Today there are 10 CUR covering more than 30 million citizens.


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