Numero di emergenza Unico Europeo
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In case of emergency, the number 112 (one-one-two) is dialed and the call reaches an answer point where the number of the caller is immediately displayed and the location of the caller is identified on the geographic map.

The number of the caller is always visible to the operator also when the “Private ID” service (telephone network override function) is used.

For calls coming from fixed phones the location of the telephone is displayed.

                                                      localizzazione telefono fisso

For calls coming from mobile phones the telephone cell coverage area is displayed.

                                     localizzazione mobile

The call is forwarded to the operations room competent for the type of emergency.

Pending the setting up of the Centrali Uniche di Risposta (CUR) – Public Safety Answer Points – all over the national territory, where the latter are not present (see the relevant map), the SEN 112 (one-one-two) Service is guaranteed by the operations rooms of the Carabinieri Corps.